1. megh-ana:


    Kaajal (1965)

    (via kawrage)


  2. 1950sunlimited:

    Detail from the album cover “I Hear a New World-An Outer Space music fantasy by Joe Meek" 1960


  3. zoeivory:

    Plaid in motion! photo by Guy Bourdin, 1968 Harper’s Bazaar.



  5. "Red Mask" (1950) by Leonora Carrington.


  6. Number Two.


  7. Number One.


  8. Das Triadische Ballet.


  9. Collage by my dear friend Kaliisa Conlon. www.kaliisaconlon.com


  10. Artwork by Aleksandra Mir. I saw a show of hers a couple years ago and never got over it.